Atm bus lines for Annunziata:
Line 23

Atm bus lines for Papardo:
Line 24
Line 31

Free shuttles:
Unime provides students with a free connection service with the Papardo and Annunziata Poles.

Shuttle bus timetables:

  • Internal shuttle bus service connecting the former Faculty of Science and Engineering

From today 27/02/2020, at the disposal of the rectorate secretariat, the resumption, with immediate effect, of the ordinary shuttle bus transport services for the Annunziata-Papardo educational centers is arranged.

Do you want to tell us a complaint about student transport?

Send the report to the e-mail address:

Furthermore, every year UniMe enters into agreements with public and private companies, to allow students to take advantage of services at a subsidized price.

Caronte & Turist: discounted rate for quarterly passes for students holding Unime Genius Card.

Blujetdiscounted rates for students of the University of Messina.

Student subscription € 10 which can be purchased by students of the Schools and Universities of Messina and its province and Reggio Calabria and its province. This type of subscription is valid for 15 days from the date of issue and has 10 coupons. The season ticket can be purchased upon request by attaching a copy of the document and a copy of the university or school enrollment certificate.